Online Training Nomination System

The Online Training Nomination System (OTNS) is a web based system on the Nomination Process of various Training Programs conducted by DPE for the Beneficiaries of CPSEs/SLPEs.

Trainings announced by DPE during 2020-2021

1.Procurement (Policy & Procedures based on GFR GeM E-Procurement & Arbitration) and Contract Management for Good Governance: Challenges in Implementation from 2021-03-08 to 2021-03-12 at E-learning(Synchronous mode)

2.High Impact Corporate Governance: Excellence of CSR Sustainability & Responsible Business Conduct from 2021-03-15 to 2021-03-18 at E-learning(Synchronous mode)

3.Building Competencies for Personal Excellence from 2021-03-22 to 2021-03-25 at Shillong